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  • MOTTO WEAR Debonair Jeans
  • NEW RAISER X-III Motorcycle Jeans
  • KIRA X GREY Women Jeans
  • CITY X GREY Jeans
  • New DRAGONAR XT - limited superfly jeans for bona fide riders :)
  • SCHAATS - New casual Motto Wear flippant slacks.
  • City X Motorcycle Jeans

Welcome to MOTTO - motorcycle clothing world

Motorcycle clothing s an essential attribute of anyone who is moving on two wheels. Regardless of where and how far you go - one should be most important: safety and convenience.
We give lot of effort to combine those two important features. So you look nearly casual and cool, but still properly protected. Take a look at our products - we've got everything:

  • Motorcycle·pants·- good·looking bike pants·are essential for every rider and this is our speciality.·We've got·motorcycle·jeans with DuPontTM Kevlar® lining,·militias, dandy style pants and other in which·as soon as·you get down·from the machine·you can go even·for a business meeting :)
  • Motorcycle Jacket - light, airy, safe? No problem  ...
  • T-shirts and other casuals - why not still look good after ?

We specialize in motorcycle clothing, mainly for the city - so even on short rides the city is safe, but comfortable. Go on and take a look at our motorbike clothes.

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